Upper School Admissions

Pupils normally join the school at the start of the Autumn Term, i.e. September, although children may enrol at other times, subject to places being available. 

Entry into the Senior School follows a successful performance in the 11+ examination which is held every January for the September entry. A smaller number of pupils will be interested in entering the school in Year 9 and will therefore take the 13+ Examination. This is usually carried out by the pupil being invited into school for the day, taking the examination in the morning and being hosted by our very willing pupils for the remainder of the day, when they will get to attend some lessons. 

Scholarships and bursaries are available for both these age-groups. A significant number of pupils join in Years 8 and 9 and the Sixth Form each year. Offers are made following receipt of a reference and meeting our entry requirements based on predicted GCSE grades. In addition, bursaries (purely financial assistance) and scholarships (ability in art, drama, music and sport) are available for entry into this year group.

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Upper School Admissions

For any enquiries please email: admissions@colstons.org This email address is monitored throughout the school holidays.


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